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The Sons of Ra Ministries is brought forth through and by Calvin Kennedy as an offering Calvin Kennedyto experience, teach and manifest a greater vision, purpose and destiny for all of humanity. The basis of our faith and teachings are the principles received and articulated by our Afrikan Elder Ancestors of the Nile Valley of Kemet and Kush.  These principles and teachings are the foundation and essential truths imbued within the religions of the world today.  This is further expounded upon in a document that I prepared entitled: A Theological Treatise on the Afrikan Origins of Christianity and Other Western Religions.


A fundamental truth that is put forth by Afrikan Spiritual Traditions is the Law of Oneness.  This is demonstrated by our oneness with our earth environment, the universe – as above so below – and most significantly, our oneness with each other.  In truth, humanity is One.


HeruMy calling is articulated as Heru Jehuti Bey Sa-Ra.  Heru Jehuti is my ren, which is my spiritual name/calling, as received through the Oracle of Tehuti.  This means the Son that is led by Wisdom.  The name Heru signifies the Divine Son and leader.  Jehuti is a transliteration of Tehuti, which is spiritual wisdom and has also been known as Thoth, Hermes and Sophia.  Therefore, I am reminded through my ren that I am a leader that is to lead through wisdom while also being personally led by wisdom.  To learn more about the ren and receiving your ren refer to Ra Un Nefer Amen’s book entitled, Metu Neter Vol. 1: The Great Oracle of Tehuti and the Egyptian System of Spiritual Cultivation.


Bey is a term that links me to the Moorish tradition; it also signifies one that has a title and responsibility of leadership.  Sa-Ra literally means Son of Ra, and the Sons of Ra are the Sons of God.  Moreover, all are part of the Sonship of God and through this the Son is One, or the only begotten Son.


Thus, the Sons of Ra Ministries is a teaching ministry, a healing ministry and a ministry of manifestation.  We teach and promote Universal Principles and Truths that can be summarized by the Law of Oneness, As Above So Below and First Do No Harm.  We restore balance and healing to our relationships.  This is the healing of our family, community and national relationships.  Fundamental to this is the restoration of the Divine Feminine to the Godhead and the resurrection of the goddess within the consciousness and psyche of humanity.


Goddess NuutThis manifest as the rebuilding of the Temple; this is the Temple of Man/Woman, which is the living temple within.  It is also the temple as a physical manifestation and edifice.  This new embodiment of the temple is central to the community that is serves while also serving as a model for the establishment of temples the world over.  This temple structure is the basis and impetus for instituting new agreements among and within the human family.  These agreements and understandings bring forth a fresh vibrancy and manifest as the new economy, ecology, healing modalities, educational systems and all else that is deemed necessary while eternally being established on the unchangeable, unalienable foundation of spiritual sovereignty.


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