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GizaThe Sacred Order of the Sons of Ra are those who have been called out as builders of the new.  We build based upon ancient principles; what already was we now build again as we are passing out of an age of darkness into an age of light.  There is work to be done in the fields, and the work, once done, must be maintained as Ra maintains the heavens.  Thus, we are a most ancient Order extending back into the pre-dynastic culture and spiritual traditions of Kemet and Nubia.


The antiquity of the Sons of Ra is evident in the cultural and spiritual tradition of Ra, called the Psdjet or Ennead as documented in the Pyramid Texts of the Old Kingdom, the oldest religious texts in the world. The apex and supremacy of the Sons of Ra culminated in the founding of the city of Annu or “Per-Ra” House of Ra during this same period and would reign supreme throughout Kemetic history. As indicated in the ancestral sacred texts the Sons of Ra are those who have perfected their character and spirit and thereby reclaimed their Divinity in Ausar, becoming risen and resurrected in the Land of Amun (Amen-Ta). The Sons of Ra are Sons/Daughters of Light, Radiant Ones, Luminous Beings who have ascended to become as Ra traversing the Celestial Plane of Nut in the Bark of Millions of Years standing in the company of the immortals/Neteru/Ancestors giving command and direction. Thereby affirming Power, Dominion, and Sovereignty in Concert with and Relation to ALL REALITY and phenomenon, immaterial and material.


We bring forth the ancient wisdom teachings of our African Ancestors.  We restore balance and order to our community and unto the earth.  This is articulated as the practice and the observation of the Laws of Maát.



Feather of Maat
Justice • Balance
Order • Harmony • Reciprocity • Compassion

The Sacred Order of the Sons of Ra adheres to the ancient instructions that an initiate into the African Love & Wisdom teachings must demonstrate mastery of the Ten Virtues as follows:

  1. Control of thought
  2. Control of action
  3. Devotion to one’s purpose
  4. Faith in the master’s ability to teach the truth
  5. Faith in one’s ability to assimilate the truth
  6. Faith in oneself to act with wisdom
  7. Freedom from resentment under the experience of persecution (to bear insult)
  8. Freedom from resentment under the experience of wrong (to bear injury)
  9. Ability to distinguish between right and wrong
  10. Ability to distinguish the real from the unreal

Ancient Kemet was laid out originally as a reflection of heaven on earth.  All of the leaders and master builders came from the ranks of the Priesthood.  Before one could take a position of authority, he must first show himself worthy.  The governors, architects, engineers, mathematicians, astronomers, healers and any one occupying a position of significance in the society must first have studied in one of the major institutions, such as the Temple of Ipet-Isut at Waset (Thebes), called Karnak by the Arabs.  In these institutions the initiate learned about the Neteru (God), the cosmos and the governing laws of the creation, hence university is the study of the universe.  Most important, she learned about herself as the temple of the Most High God.  At the height of the 18th dynasty the Temple of Ipet-Isut had 80,000 initiates.  The graduated Priest and Priestess along with the King and Queen of Kemet called themselves the Sons of Ra.


Sacred OrderIt is therefore recognized and accepted that this Order are those who are the builders; those who lay the foundation for the new world and then administer the institutions that maintain it.  Ra represents the creative force of the universe.  It is not the sun, but the creative power behind the sun that is best represented by the appearance and attributes of the sun: bringer of light, life, regeneration, removes the darkness and sparks the creation.  In harmony with balance and in recognition that for every God there must be a Goddess, we acknowledge Raet as the divine feminine aspect of Ra.  Furthermore, Son as articulated herein is representative of the divine union of the two.  It does not refer to a male body, corporate or physical.  It is manifestation, the word made flesh and is symbolized by the triangle ▲.  Thus, the Sacred Order of the Sons of Ra is an active Order of men and women.  This is an Order of work, of working in the field laying and maintaining the foundations for future generations yet to come.


Jahi & SalimOrdained by God Most High and the exalted ancestors, this Sacred Order acknowledges and accepts its responsibility as visionaries, leaders and implementers in the Arts, Sciences, Nation Building, Educational Institutions, Business Enterprises, Earth Resource Management, and reinstitution of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings.  We are instructed to build based upon Maát.  Even as Ra creates upon the foundation of Maát, we create, build and restore through Maát.  Thus, the institutions and enterprises are built and maintained following Universal Divine Law, which recognize that first it must do no harm to another man/woman or to the earth.


Jahi, Salim & ChiefThe Sacred Order of the Sons of Ra extends worldwide through affiliated Temples and Lodges.  We also affiliate with other groups, institutions, Temples, Churches and Orders that practice the ancient wisdom teachings of our esteemed African Ancestors.  This way or path is articulated as the Universal Afrikan Orthodox teaching.  It is Universal because it applies the observable laws of the universe and is not dependent on personalities; it is Afrikan because we recognize the source as being African even as we see a greater meaning for the word Africa itself; it is Orthodox for it represents the original teachings and understandings first brought forth to humanity.


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